We expand our Cross-Border Solutions to now offer one of the Widest Payment Coverages in the Industry

This addition to the Nucleus365 platform unlocks global payments with over 92 licences supporting operations in 30 different currencies, enabling merchants across the globe to make and receive payments in 180 countries. A number of these countries, including UK/Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, have real-time transfers enabled.

Our global payment network has a reach of 4bn bank accounts, over 80 currencies, and 30 collection accounts, seven of which facilitate instant cross-border payments. This provides our clients with the widest reach in the industry, enabling them to undergo global business growth through fast, adaptable, and secure payment facilitation. What’s more, this new addition to our suite of payment solutions follows the recent rollout of the Local Payouts solution, bringing more accessibility to merchants worldwide.

“At Nucleus365, we’re continuing to build momentum by offering an expanding, fully integrated platform designed to champion cross-border payments for our international merchants,” said Daniel Mayhew, CEO at Nucleus365.

“The introduction of this latest capability means we continue to address the common misalignment between banking, payment processing, foreign exchange and technology stacks with this further capability. By allowing for more real-time cross border payments, Nucleus365 is a faster, wider, cheaper and better option for merchants. With more advancements to come, the company is excited to continue to bring efficient and effective payments on a global scale, at a time when e-commerce growth continues to surge.”

The 30 new IBANs cover off the following regions with more to follow:


  1. Euro
  2. United Kingdom (GBP)
  3. United States of America (USD)
  4. Australia (AUD)
  5. Hong Kong (HKD)
  6. Singapore (SGD)
  7. Malaysia (MYR)


  1. Canada (CAD)
  2. Switzerland (CHF)
  3. Czech Republic (CZK)
  4. Denmark (DKK)
  5. United Arab Emirates (AED)
  6. Hungary (HUF)
  7. Israel (ILS)
  8. Mexico (MXN)
  9. Norway (NOK)
  10. New Zealand (NZD)
  11. Poland (PLN)
  12. Romania (ROM)
  13. Sweden (SEK)
  14. Bulgaria (BGN)


  1. Botswana (BWP)
  2. Bahrain (BHD)
  3. Japan (JPY)
  4. Oman (OMR)
  5. Qatar (QAR)
  6. Saudi Arabia (SAR)
  7. Tunisia (TND)
  8. Uganda (UGX)
  9. South Africa (ZAR)

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