Welcome to Nucleus - an Authorised Payment Institution

We are excited to introduce merchants to a new generation of payment service technologies. Welcome to Nucleus365. 

In a globalised world where technology is breaking down traditional borders and fuelling a unified, interconnected business economy, Nucleus365 ensures merchants can access exciting markets previously deemed inaccessible. 

Our mission is to become a leading Payment Institution not just in the UK, but globally. To achieve this, we have put into place the policy and processes necessary to ensure Nucleus365 is fully compliant to all regulations and directives. 

As a fully authorised Financial Conduct Authority payment institution, we adhere to the core objectives of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This means we focus on protecting consumers and facilitating safe, fast and secure payments for all of our users. 

However, we don’t see ourselves solely as just another Authorised Payment Institution (API). Instead, we are sparking a global movement that will forever change the way merchants are able to process transactions across established and emerging markets. 

It’s the reason behind our name - Nucleus365 is set to become the most important and central brand of the payment services sector, simplifying the complex, cross-market transactions and providing a platform for merchants to increase their growth and activities. 

We do this by offering the following services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

A centralised platform for payment processes 

Nucleus365 is a payment institution offering a centralised platform for global payment processing. We provide a back office treasury function and reconciliation services which cover banking, issuing and acquiring. Our platform is integrated to multiple banking providers and payment processors around the globe. 

IBANs in over 60 currencies

We provide dedicated banking solutions for brokers, operations and trader funding. We can support brokers with a wide range of licences in over 60 currencies, via Swift, SEPA and Faster Payments.

Localised payments in 6 continents

Nucleus365 offers access to local traders with multiple payment methods. Our withdrawal options ensure the speed of transaction between payee and payer can be facilitated in minutes. 

Centralised APIs 

Our merchants have access to a singular back office. Through powerful integrations, our platform ensures merchants can use a combination of traditional and local payment methods across multiple continents and jurisdictions. 

Deep data analysis

Leveraging data is vital when monitoring customer behaviour. Nucleus365 gives our partners the ability to access multiple daily reports, offering total visibility of all payment methods, success rates, settlements, fees and withdrawal data in real time. 

A FCA regulated provider 

Merchants engaging with payment service providers and their payment gateway systems want simplicity. Rather than having to engage with multiple parties across different jurisdictions, merchants want to engage with a global payment service provider that adheres to the highest industry standards. 

To protect our merchants and exemplify our commitment to the regulatory measures, Nucleus365 is fully regulated by the FCA and is recognised as an API. 

Having obtained an FCA licence, we have reduced the need for merchants to independently seek out multiple banking providers and navigate a complex web of legal regulations and requirements, particularly in emerging and once inaccessible markets. 

To find out more about Nucleus and how you can take advantage of our payment systems get in touch. 

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